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sabato 13 ottobre 2018

Advanced zoom by Ekspoint


You can edit the configuration file at

Commander's camera - an increased distance of the camera upwards, which will help you better understand the location of forces on the field. It is also useful for recording beautiful videos about your favorite game. 

ZoomX is a classic zoom for sniper firing mode. You can adjust the multiplicity of the zoom, the number of steps for switching the multiplicity, display the current zoom indicator. 

NoScroll - prohibition of mode change between the arcade and sniper mouse wheel. (disabled by default). 

ZoomMod- Commander's camera, which allows you to push the camera up and watch the progress of the battle from a great height. 

ServerCross2 - server sights, which will allow you to avoid inaccurate shots due to the discrepancy of the client's sight data with the server data.


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